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Crafting Sacred Objects

November 1, 2016

Crafting a sacred object is an intimate journey, it reveals our creative energy and allow us to be in communion with the natural world.


My crafts manifest my longings and prayers, they are weaved with intention and used for protection and guidance.


Bringing the Spirit into the role of matter is one of the intentions of sacred objects. We must create elements that are intriguing enough to awaken our soul.


For drawing in helpful allies we can make medicine bundles, amulets, talismans and charms using stones, herbs, crystals, feathers and seeds.


For new beginnings or deepest hopes and wishes one can carve prayer arrows with symbols and threads.


The quality of the creation process holds medicine and learning, opening space for other projects to emerge.


Crafting an element is a ritual that empowers us,

it inspires the design of the ceremony

and builds connection between us and the unseen world.


It is a way of slowing down and allowing the natural world to know that we are preparing ourselves for sacred time.

I appreciate weaving in silence, with no distractions, placing intention and a prayer for every knot.

I also craft in the middle of the ‘village’,

where people are coming and going in their busy lives.

To be witnessed by the human community can also be a powerful way to engage with the element.


I go into nature looking for materials, allowing them to emerge organically and receiving inspiration from the land.


When walking in a state of receptivity,

approaching the world as a suitor

and asking permission

we are doing things in a sacred way.


These ways of crafting reveal a deep connection with the feminine archetype and serve as a gateway to ancient women who worked with their hands to give spiritual support to their tribe.


It’s a grounding skill that connects us to the ever present web of life and the potential for healing and transformation.


It reminds us that the world is animated, all that is asked from us is our intuitive mind.


One of my passions is working with dreams, activating and honouring them. Part of this work was initiated by Native American traditions and dreamcatchers, objects that aim to protect us from unwanted dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The sacred hoop can be thought of as a huge council of all beings. The inside is weaved with a thread creating a mandala, a web of connection and paths. Recalling all the dreamcatchers I weaved for gifting, ceremony or ritual, there is one who brings me immense connection and power. I weaved it to honour a yew tree at Schumacher College, this tree holds a shrine and became a sacred space for us.


Crafting stimulates patience and appreciation for what is valuable, we craft a sacred space within ourselves.


I invite you to connect with your hands and give yourself sacred time.


We must live with our full heart.


For me crafting sacred objects is love and Spirit made visible.


This piece was originally posted at Schumacher College, Community Newsletter, November 2016.

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