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Documenting the work of smallholder vegetable farmers and the impact of


Myoe Sae (SEEDS) project is a 10 episode documentary produced by Maria Souza. The series explore the lives, learning and work of the East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer team and the communities they engage with in Myanmar. The documentary showcases real stories of empowered farmers and how they managed to turn their challenges into opportunities for a better life, through better knowledge and skills.The project also embraces articles and photographs all created by Maria. Watch the trailer, below:



The project was created to support East-West Seed‘s Knowledge Transfer mission of awareness. We aim to engage donors, staff and potential farmers through real stories by sharing the human side of EWS-KT and the authentic life of the people who are planting EWS seeds and the changes they harvest in their lives. We also hope this documentary series will educate the wider audience about the life changing work KT does and the reality of rural Myanmar. 


Farming traditions have been handed down from generation to generation. In some regions, these traditions date back hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years with very little change. But in the course of our lifetime, through advances in technology and science and a better understanding of our environment, advances have emerged that have changed our knowledge of how to cultivate foods effectively and efficiently, all while nurturing the earth and ensuring her prolonged fertility and abundance.


Through a mutually beneficial collaboration with farmers across Asia and Africa, East-West Seed’s Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT) Programme aims to spread the expertise and to revolutionise farming and the agriculture industry.

Founded as a vegetable seed company in 1982, East-West Seed started its first farming outreach activities in the Philippines in 2000, backed by the knowledge that successful farming not only involved quality seeds but farming expertise as well. In 2015, the company set up a group foundation to manage their ventures in agriculture education and the EWS-KT nonprofit was born.

Catalyse Markets Through Knowledge


East-West Seed‘s Knowledge Transfer mission is “to improve on farm-skills of smallholder vegetable farmers through sharing evidence-based knowledge on profitable and sustainable farming practices in Asia and Africa.”


Their goal is to equip farmers with the knowledge of how to best use the quality seeds East-West Seed provides, while maintaining and protecting their natural resources. By sharing proven technical knowledge and enhanced farming methods, the higher-quality product increases farmers’ incomes and crop yields, improving their quality of life while generating a greater market demand. The EWS-KT Programme aspires to touch smallholder farmers’ lives and make a difference in the world supply of healthier vegetables.

The knowledge transfer teams are the main source of education for thousands of farmers. These accomplished teachers have worked in diverse agri-input sectors and crop production. Team members are thoroughly experienced in local farming knowledge and are skilled in understanding farmers’ needs, cultures, and practices. They educate farmers on how to make efficient and effective use of their materials (agri-inputs) and resources to get the greatest yields and profits. The teams are constantly striving to expand the number of farmers they reach. Their objective, which is also the team’s measure of success, is to have farmers that are satisfied in their role as vital members of the community.