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  Study Programme 


   The Relationship Between   

   Women, Nature & Society   

In times of ecological justice and women’s equality, what are the elements that connect both causes? How can we serve and transform our work to embrace, both the rights of women and the natural world?

3 Sessions Study Programme at K11 Office Building

Wednesday's from 19:00 to 21:00

Starting on September 11th to September 25th, 2019

Ecofeminism Study Program is formed by 3 sessions and its focused on exploring the connection between women and nature, and how empowering women is a form of empowerment of the natural world itself. The Program will begin by unravelling the origin of nature’s oppression and its foundation in the subjugation of women. Our intention is not only to understand its roots, but also to envision a future where both gender and nature are seen as equals – not to survive, but to thrive.

The Program will touch on the works of various writers, including Murray Bookchin, Vandana Shiva, Maria Mies, Sherry B. Ortner, Ariel Salleh, Val Plumwood and Karen Warren, Maya Angelou and others. From academics to poets to activists, we will re-discover what it means to be an ‘ecofeminist’ and how we can support equal rights, not only for girls and women everywhere, but also for all living beings. 

The subjects will be presented through slides according to the schedule below, and followed by conversations and discussions. Participants will be invited to share their personal experiences through questions, comments and activities. The sessions follow a holistic learning format. 
Ahead of the Program participants will receive materials such as book chapters, poems, articles, videos and online talks to support and enrich their investigation. All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants. 

This program aims to understand how women’s right are intrinsically connected to ecological justice. We will focus on how we can better serve both causes once we gain an understanding of their connection. Both women and men are welcome to register, no previous knowledge on the subject is required.



Session 1 | Introduction to Ecofeminism & The Roots of Oppression (September 11th)
The session is dedicated to meeting the group and weaving threads between our personal lives and our current understanding of ecofeminism while meeting each other and learning about the structure of the Study Program. The second part of the session is dedicated to questioning why is the oppression of women and the subjugation of nature are interconnected. Where did it begin? Through Social Ecology, we will focus on how the cause of profound ecological crises and social destabilization we are experiencing today is based on a pattern of subjugation over women and nature.

Session 2 | Ecofeminism Tendencies (September 18th)
We will examine the different ecofeminism tendencies (essentialist and constructivist) and the links between nature and women. How do they show up in our daily lives? How do we feel connected to each tendency? Are we defined as women by our biology or our gender roles? How can we become aware of these traits and transform them to our advantage?

Session 3 | Connected Destiny of Women and the Earth (September 25th)
Inspired by work of Ynestra King and Ivone Gebara, we will inquire how the destiny of women is intimately linked to destiny of the Earth. Reflecting on the impact that environmental destruction can have on women and its close relation to the ecological crises we will understand how climate change is a gender issue. Finally, considering how women can be in an empowered position to end gender and nature's subjugation we express our conclusions and share how we can implement ecofeminism in our personal projects and life.



Early Bird - Full Program (3 sessions): 750RMB

Full Program (3 sessions): 900RMB

*Limited to 12 participants


BOOMI will plant one tree for each participant registered in the course. The trees will be planted in Inner Mongolia through the Roots & Shoots organization. More information here.



BOOMI is sponsoring one full scholarship. If you are interested in applying please send your CV and letter stating your personal/professional journey and why you would like to join the programme to miguel@myboomi.io

Application deadline September 1st. Result released on September 6th.


I am very grateful I had the opportunity to take the Ecofeminism course offered by Maria. Through thought provoking questions and readings I found myself questioning and analyzing my life as a woman and teacher. This course not only allowed me to learn, but it also allowed me to grow. Melissa Arnesen-Trunzo, USA

The course opened my mind to understand the patriarchy system we grew up on and even if we think we are feminist and try to build a new perspective sometimes we fall in the trap. I was also very black and white in the way I saw ecofeminist tendencies, now instead of choosing one side of the coin regarding  constructivism and essentialism, it makes more sense for me seeing it as two philosophies that can coexist. Thank you again for such an enriching course. Amazing work Maria is doing changing women’s mind.

Adriana Kamara, Mexico  

This course helped me understand more about the connection between women and nature, and it also helped me to learn ways to support women and nature. Maria has a very calm way of facilitating that allowed you to safely open up about your experiences and thoughts, and be open to new and different knowledge and possibilities. I left the course with a more enriched understanding of my relationship with my environment, and a passionate motivation to take action to support women and protect nature. Kanita Wang

Maria starts the class in a very nice approach, with a singing bowl and a poem, and her smile. Then the prestation is academic while the discussion is open and interesting. Super good class to have preliminary understanding of ecofeminism. Long Long


Kr Space at K11, 26 Floor office building, 300 Huaihai Road

Metro: Line 1 - Huangpi South Road Station

Line 8 - World Wide Station

Line 2 - People's Square Station


Wendesday's from 19:00 to 21:00
Starting on September 11th to 25th, 2019


My name is Maria Eduarda and I am a social ecologist, storyteller and educator. I am deeply interested in how society perceives the natural world and how does society relates to women. I have a Masters in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College and Trinity Saint David, UK. Previously worked with storytelling and project management in wild areas in Brazil, Botswana, Myanmar and Thailand. I am part of the collective Wild Feminine Rising, a space focused on the healing of the feminine all around the world. I will be the facilitator guiding our meetings and supporting our journey. Read more about my journey here.


If you have questions about the programme do not hesitate to contact Maria on WeChat.
Username: @mariamsouza or Email: mariaeduardamsouza@outlook.com


After registration participants wil receive a welcome letter with further instructions on how to prepare for the first session and resource material (articles, books, videos, poems) to support the programme.

Feel free to share this programme with friends to make it even more special.

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