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  Elements Dance  

  Nature Connection to Retrieve Equilibrium  

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

North, East, South and West

Where do you belong to? 

Movement is a powerful language, the Elements Dance is a sacred combinations of movements performed to connect with nature. Traditionally the Dance is given as initiation ritual when girls reach their first moon cycle. The Dance supports the equilibrium of the elements within us and around us. It connect us with our ancestors and with who we are. The movements feed our body, soul and spirit, connecting us to the Earth. The Dance its a way to commune with nature, to honor and celebrate. Indigenous people perform this dance as a ritual to create harmony, release their fears and return to their natural state of Self.


The workshop will support you to understand and embody the Dance. You will learn the meaning of the directions and the qualities os the elements. During the workshop you will embrace the movements of The Dance, the words that invoke power to it and its traditional origin. You will be empowered with all the 4 cycles of the dance and will be able to take this learning forward, practicing in your life and sharing it with others.


During the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about the symbolic language of the elements and the directions and how they can be accessed to communicate with the natural world.


After the workshop you will have the opportunity to have an individual online session to discuss your insights and perceptions after 7 days of dancing and gain support to continue this journey.



People of all ages and cycles are welcome. This workshop is recommended for people of all backgrounds. If you are looking for inner and outer connection and inspiration this is a practice for you.



The workshop has the duration of 2 hours. During the workshop we will explore the directions, the archetypes of each place and how its associated with our life, the elements qualities, the history and origins of the dance. The sessions will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it again at home, you will also receive printed material to support your journey.


You can prepare yourself with a gentle meditation or just coming with an open heart to receive a sacred practice. Bring a water bottle and use comfortable clothes. Pen and paper are also useful.


Full Workshop for 4 people or more: 250RMB per person

Private Workshop (2 hours): 1.000RMB


"Learning this dance felt like a calling to me from spirit. I felt honoured that Maria was willing to teach it to me as the sacred traditions relating to dances of this kind are not always shared with the outside world so I'm equally grateful to the tribe also. Maria is very grounded & deeply connected to the earth with a flow that is both calming & peaceful as she explained and demonstrated the dance. I hope our paths cross again & we get the opportunity to dance once more."  Emma McKendrick



My name is Maria Eduarda and I am a social ecologist, storyteller and educator. I am deeply interested in how society perceives the natural world and how does society relates to women. I have a Masters in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College and Trinity Saint David, UK; PG in Indigenous Subjects from Schumacher College. Previously worked with storytelling and project management in wild areas in Brazil, Botswana, Myanmar and Thailand. I will be the facilitator guiding our meetings and supporting our journey. Read more about my journey here.


If you have questions, collaborative ideas or would like to schedule a workshop contact us.

Feel free to share this workshop with friends to make it even more special.